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Meeovi Weather

We often take knowing the weather for granted. We look at our phone or here about it through others. But what if a major storm happens where your family and friends are and you need to know more details. That is why we are creating the first ever social weather service. 


Meeovi Weather allows you to connect to those most important to you. With integrations to your Facebook, Twitter, and Meeovi accounts.

Apps Everywhere

We have apps on all platforms including the web, iOS, Android, Windows, Tizen, Blackberry, Linux, Chrome OS, Sailfish OS, Fire OS, and Kai OS.


Aside from forecasting the weather for a day or up to 7 days. We also connect you to friends in a social networking style environment. The weather doesn't have to be a bland thing anymore.

Stay in Touch

As we build our Meeovi Weather, here is the latest news on everything that is happening with this wonderful service.